Essentials Of Perfect Website For A Successful Startup

Nowadays website applications are playing a vital role in all the businesses

Professional business website is an essential criteria to grow your business.The companies/business having a website gathers huge attention among the public. The website not only  increases online presence but also brings a huge number of customers into your business.If you have a business but don’t have an online presence, then you are losing out tons of opportunities. Business website act as the face of your brand.

Building business websites to your company, the business owners can easily track  who and where the customers originated from.

The analytics inside the website tend to know about the traffic and demographics, interests help to know about the public interest regarding your business.

Let’s discuss here the essential key points of perfect website.

Domain Name

Domain names are very important for any website. Short and catchy domain names helps the customer to easily remember it

It can also help visitors to identify your brand and connect with your overall business idea.

Proper extension

Domain extension is considered to be the root of your website.

Dotcom (. com) domain is still ruling most of the commercial websites.

You can also choose the country code on your website. For example if your business in dubai then you fix .ae(arab emirates).

SSLSecure Sockets Layer (SSL) 

The reason that visitors stay longer on websites when they see the green padlock from an SSL certificate. 

This is because it keeps information transmitted between a web browser and a web server safe. This is important for websites that include sensitive information from customers, like credit card information etc.


Exclusive Designing

Exclusive website designs attract the attention of the customers to your website


Business Information

Add your business details in both the header and the footer pathsThis will grab the visitors to your websiteAdding services to the website can help you get more leads which in turn helps in the growth of the business.


Easy Navigation

Navigation system acts like a roadmap to pass on different areas and information contained within the website. A well-structured navigation creates trust and credibility, allowing visitors to easily find the information and content they’re looking for.


Social Media Integration

Social media helps the opportunity to share your content easily. Insert social media buttons in the website to increase social media followers.


Good Hosting

Web hosting is an important place where your website lives. All the work of your website’s data is stored on a server. 

Make sure you use a proper hosting because if its improper then it may be lead to website down 

Cross-device friendly

Optimise your website regularly

Keep in mind that your website should always be user friendly and responsive to both the users of mobile and desktops.

Since the majority of the crowd are glued to smartphones compared to laptops and desktops.

If you failed to optimize for mobile, you can’t offer your customers immediate service. 


Cross browser friendly

When a website is released, the first thing that troubles is its compatibility across various browsers.

Cross-browser refers to the ability for a website, to support all the web browsers like Firefox, IE, Mozilla etc

AMP friendly

Accelerated Mobile Pages are an open source platform that any website can adapt with the right technical specifications. 

AMPs are important because they help web pages load faster, which in turn improves usability and visitors stay longer on your site engaging with your content.

AMP mainly focuses on content accuracy and uniqueness.



Speed is an important factor in the usability of a website. 

If your page seed is at a high level of loading time, then visitors get distracted and leave your website.

Optimise the image and file size of your website to reduce the loading time and thereby increase the page speed.

Search Engine Friendly

Not but not least, the most important aspect in your website design is your SEO.

SEO friendly URL helps to boost  your website at the top of search results. 

Optimise the website regularly and do work on page optimisation to increase your website traffic.



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