Effective SEO Trends To Be Follow In Your Business Success

Search Engine Optimization is the key factor which decides your website rank in the  Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 


Google updates its algorithm frequently and this injects the changes in your SEO ranking factors.


Here we implement effective SEO trends to gain more traffic to your website  in 2020. We assure these steps will help you to reach more audience and drive traffic



  1. High Quality Content The king Maker In SEO 

Content marketing is considered to be the most important factor in SEO. 

Writing high quality content about the topic that people come searching for. Will offers you high traffic to your website.

If you are trying to get top rank on the google results page, then it is necessary to make a well-optimized website content.

A well-optimized content helps the search engines to understand what your page is about and what is your subject expertise. This is why it is important to choose a particular niche and stick to it.

If your content holds highly informational data, then automatically Google and other search engines would rank you on the top of the results.



 2. On- Page Optimization

On Page SEO is nothing but to optimize your site’s performance. This will help you to fix how your website looks in the search engine results page.



Factors involved in On Page SEO are:


  • Verify your site with Google Webmasters Or any other optimiser Tool
  • By verifying your website with this tool  helps you to know about your site’s performance and how search engines view your site in terms of indexing status, crawl errors, search queries, etc.



  • Improve Website Speed and Website Performance 
  • Page loading time plays a great role in SEO. If your site takes too long to load than the normal time, then users get distracted  and this reduces your ranking factor in Google results.



  • Install Yoast SEO plugin 
  • If your website is built with wordpress then, install the Yoast SEO plugin.Yoast SEO helps in customizing how your website should look in the SERP.

    This will help to maintain all  On-page SEO factors.



    1. Mobile Optimization



    Mobile Optimization is very essential for Local SEO this will make your website to be more optimized for mobile searches and helps you to gain more traffic. 



    1. Amount Of Word


    Google rankings nowadays focuses on the length of your content and consistency of your posting.


    If your blog posts hold more than 1500 words then it obviously tends to have more views.


    Google ranks lengthier content on top posts the reason it considered as these posts contain more information to the users.



    1. Keyword Research


    In SEO, keyword research is one of the important factors that you cannot ignore. 


    Choosing on the right keywords to your post will help you to rank top in the results.  



    1. Data Structuring



    Organising contents properly with appropriate headings, subheadings, paragraphs, bulletin points, images, videos are important in data structuring.


    If your website content is not well-structured, this will bring you to low rankings in search engines and it also hits a  high bounce rate.


    A well-structured data easily grabs the attention of the audience, once they are attracted they show interest to read the entire article and share with their network.



    5.Secure Your Website



    It's a proven theory, Google pays attention to only highly secure websites. 


    If we search for a non secured website, we come to notice, dialog boxes like, to accept cookies, click any button or enter our email address. 


    Inorder to avoid the non safety website, Google warn its users to only access what is safe, secure and trustworthy. 


    To perform higher rankings, then get for  a Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) certificate to your website, and this  keeps your data safe and creates a trust factor.



    1. Link Building


    There are two types of link building in the SEO which helps you to gain more traffic. They are:


    • Internal links
    • Inbound links or Backlinks


    Internal links:


    Internal links are links which are embedded in a post to lead to another page on the same website.


    Internal links are used to connect similar posts. Keep in mind when you create a post, then don't forget to add a link to all the similar posts. 


    This helps you increase your site’s dwell time, engagement rate, and decrease the bounce rate.





    Backlinks are external links added by the  people to your website.


    Good content is important to build backlinks. It helps to increase your domain and page authority and this will help you to rank higher in Google and other top search engines.



    7 Video Marketing


    Next to content marketing, video marketing plays a key role in your website ranking


    If your video content is more informative  to the viewers, then google itself suggests you to watch it when the audience searches on your relevant topics.





    Hope this article lets you know the steps, how to focus on SEO and achieve your business success. But in SEO being patient is the key to achieve.


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